I’M Going To The Big House!

51f9cb86e1a6d_preview-300Next year when school starts I’ll be going to the big school. McDowell. I’m so excited. I know It’s going to be so fun. I can’t wait for lockers and new teachers. And once your at McDowell you are not considered little anymore. I think it will be great not to be the little kids anymore.

I’m really excited for the new library! All the NEW BOOKS! I can’t wait to read the higher level book. I was getting bored with the same non challenging books. But now I will get to read WAY above my grade level. Yay!

I’m also ready for social studies. I love social studies and just can’t wait to get deeper into our history. When we got into Mrs.Griffy’s room I was so pumped. I’m so ready for that class.

I feel like I’m just going to LOVE middle school! I’m not scared, just excited. I feel like I’m just going to go through it all to fast though.

The only thing that I’m a little scared about is getting lost. I don’t want it to be the first day of school and I’m wondering around the halls. But I know I’m going to be just fine. I always panic about the littlest things.

I know I’m going to miss salt creek. I’ll miss the teachers and all of my classes and I hope to visit. But I know I’m just going to love seventh grade.

D.A.R.E Question Of The Week

Something that I’ve learned from dare is How alcohol is sometimes good for you but only when used wisely. It cleans out your system. But it does no good when not used responsible. I just thought all alcohol was bad for you. Another thing I learned is how smoking only one cigarette can do a LOT of damage to you.

What did I enjoy most about dare? I loved everything about dare really. But if I had to pick just one thing it would have to be the message that dare is trying to bring to us. I think its great how we are being educated on all of this. I mean some kids wouldn’t know. Just to think how many kids this program is saving from ruining their lives.

Something I’ll always remember about dare is NOT TO DO DRUGS! I learned that even just one can ruin you. They make you do dumb stuff and all for what? So when I offered some I will ALWAYS say NO!

Thank you for reading. And remember the next time someone asks you to do something bad just say no. Bye

What is a must read book?!

9859820My all time favorite book is Divergent! This book will keep you on edge tell the end. Its funny, dangerous, exciting, action backed. I love it!

Divergent by Veronica Roth,

Divergent is about a young girl named Beatrice prior. She has just turned sixteen so she has to chose. See when you turn sixteen you must chose to stay with your parents in your faction, or leave. There are five factions, they all have something that divides them from every other faction. There is Candor which is a faction about truth. Edrite  which is a faction about intelligence. Amity which is peace. Anagnation which is selflessness. And my personal favorite Dauntless! So Beatrice has to chose one of those factions. But before she dose that you take a test, to tell you what faction you would best fit in with, or have a chance of making it. You go into a simulation (A thing that’s all in your head that’s not real. But you think it is. You can feel and see everything clearly.) She takes a test. Shes divergent! To be divergent is putting your life in danger. But Beatrice refuses to give in. She must control it. She choses one faction that she thinks was right. But was she. Or did she put herself in a lot more danger?

Read the book and find out. It’s truly thrilling. Hope you guys will read it and be as hooked as me.


untitledD.A.R.E. What is D.A.R.E mean to me? Well D.A.R.E has meant a lot to me. It has been teaching us a lot. I mean at first I thought this was going to be not cool or not fun, just boring. But at that first class I had learned a lot. I would have never known all the bad stuff that could happen because of one little thing, it could really ruin my whole life. I had no idea what one little cigarette could do to me. Or that one drug might kill me.  If it wasn’t for D.A.R.E I would have never learned these things and might have made bad choices, because I would have thought that it couldn’t be that bad. But I was way wrong. D.A.R.E I think has really helped us all. I might have destroyed my whole futures because I didn’t know.

In D.A.R.E I can remember so much. From ‘The Beer Goggles’. To ‘Smoking Suzzy.’ They were very effective. They had shown everyone how harmful drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, can be. When I did the activate with the beer goggles I had to put on these goggles that made me see through the eyes of a drunk. I had to walk across a bridge, then catch a ball. It was hard.I thought I was right but no. Only some made it across without falling. But even then it was difficult. I realize that it wasn’t only a fun activate it was to show how effective alcohol can be on someone. How it can make you can see and do stuff that you don’t want to. So whats it really worth?

The other activate I did was smoking Suzzy. I didn’t know that that much tar can go into my lungs after just one cigarette. I know it had an impact on most people, (including me), because who wants that in their lungs? It was very disturbing to know that that was what cigarettes do. So what is the point? Its only killing you slowly.

I have learned so much from this program. About stress and Bullying, Communicating, drugs,and alcohol. I think this program is doing so much to help younger uneducated kids(like me). So thank you to all the D.A.R.E people. And me personally, I pledge to never do any harmful things that might hurt my future or my body because now I know the consequences.

How Much Homework Should 6th Graders Have?

I do not think we should have homework at all. Because we do a lot of schoolwork and work really hard and can drain the energy out of our brains and make us exhausted and tired. And then when we get home all we want to do is sleep and we can not because of homework so I say no to homework!!!!!!! :)

I disagree. I think that we should have homework, it can in prove your grade, you may not have peace and quiet in class. You could have people at your table that won’t stop talking, so you can never get your work done.I think we should at least have three pages in each class that are not due tell Friday.Sometimes your parents can explain better too.Sometimes I can learn things from my parents that the teachers didn’t say that help me understand.There is a lot of school work but most people don’t really get it. That’s why I disagree
Read more: http://thereadingworkshop.boards.net/thread/12/homework-sixth-grade-student?page=3#ixzz30ZojM6bj

Who Is My Favorite Character And Why?

-The-Mortal-Instruments-City-of-Bones-official-illustrated-companion-photos-jace-wayland-35255323-1241-1168My favorite character and why? Well of ALL of the books I have read I think Jace Wayland, from the book City Of Bones, has to be my favorite. The reason I like him so much is he’s not like anyone I have ever read about. He is just awesome all the way around! To start with he’s a shadowhunter(someone who’s half angle, and kills demons)! Like how cool is that. But like that’s not even half of it! The way he fights is just awesome. He is very full of himself. Very cocky. And arrogant. But he’s funny. The thing that’s so awesome is when he falls in love he DONSENT GO SOFT! I hate it when there are awesome hard core people, then they go all soft over love! UGH! But he doesn’t! I think he was the best character. I think he just put this whole book together.

Success. Fear.

CaptureSuccess. Fear. two things in this world that can make or brake people. It’s the thing that makes up a person really. But what is it that we are all so scared of? What keeps us from success? Fear. It’s what holds me back. It’s the chain baring me down. What is fear? For many different people it’s many different things. No. I’m not talking about the simple fears. I mean what is fear really? The dictionary means are:

– feeling of anxiety: an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger.

-frightening thought: an idea, thought, or other entity that causes feelings of fear.

But what causes those?  Mans biggest fear is of themselves. That  is what fear really is. It’s ourselves. I know it sounds really crazy but it’s true. We are our biggest fear. We make up the fears. It holds us down. It keeps us from success. But what is success? Is it just a simple accomplishment? The dictionary meanings are:    -achievement of intention: the achievement of something planned or attempted

-attainment of fame, wealth, or power: impressive achievement, especially the attainment of fame, wealth, or power

-something that turns out well: something that turns out as planned or intended

But what is fear and success to me?

In languages arts our teacher, Mr. McGuire gave us the song Monster, by Eminem and told us to find out the real message the song was inhabiting. Once we went over it we  shared our ideas of what we thought. Once we agreed on what the massage was he gave us another song. It was Let It Go, by Idina Menzel, we did the same with this song. Next he asked us to take and compare and contrast them. Now we are writing about what is the songs true massages, and how may they relate to us?

Eminem. When he is singing what is he really telling us? It was hard a message to decode. Most of what he says makes since to me.

The real meaning to this song is not about an actual monster which I’m sure that’s what you were thinking. No, It’s something much deeper than that. A monster is personal fear or anxiety: a fear or anxiety that torments somebody. In this case it’s himself. It’s like having a good side and a bad side. Eminem fears his bad side. He doesn’t like it. How it makes him feel and think. Like when he said, “Cause I need an interventionist to intervene between me and this monster and save me from myself and all this conflict.” He’s trying to get ride of it. But how do you get rid of part of yourself? He thinks he’s going crazy. This monster just keeps at him though. He can’t seem to overcome it.

Eminem is a shy person. He doesn’t like attention. I think the fame is just in encouraging his monster on. Like when he says, “I wanted the fame but not the cover of Newsweek, oh well guess beggars can’t be choosy.” He was saying that he doesn’t want the publicity that comes with the fame. He says the same thing when he says, ” It’s like winning a used mink.” It’s turning him into something he doesn’t like, “With what I gave up to get was bittersweet.”

The part that I don’t get in the song is why is he friends with this monster? He says that all through the song, “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed, Get along with the voices inside of my head.” So why is he friends with it? I think he’s trying to say like he loves but hates it at the same time. But that’s not how I feel about my monster. I just hate it. So I guess that’s why I don’t get where he is coming from.

In the song Let It Go, by Idina Menzel, it’s the same but different. She also has a monster. She is shy just like him too. Like when she says “Don’t let them in, don’t let them see Be the good girl you always had to be Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.” She’s scared of herself. The powers that she possess. So her monster (just like Eminem’s) is of herself. But now she just doesn’t care. She lets her fear go. She’s saying “I don’t want this fear! This monster!” Like when she says “Cant hold it back anymore, Let it go.” and “And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all.”  She’s braking through that chain that holds her down.

I think part of the problem is that she isolated herself so she didn’t have to face her fear. Didn’t have to see people. She says that when she says, “a kingdom of isolation, And it looks like I’m the queen.”

For me of course I have a monster. Everyone does. My monster is myself. Like Eminem, I’m scared at the thought of how sometimes I think. Or what I might become. How I can be so mean sometimes. I just hate the thought of it.

Just like in the song Let It Go, I’m scared of myself. How I can posses such a thing. I really don’t want to become something that I’m not. Sometimes I can’t believe what I think. It’s terrifying. It’s like having this whole other person inside of me. It’s my monster! My monster is holding me back from my success. All I have to do is overcome it.

Success is in my grasp! BUT only if I can overcome the fear of my monster! Why would I let something control my life? My success? If I knew the way to get ride of it? Success can be mine! Nothing is holding me back! It’s my own fault if I’m not succeeding. All I have to do is override my fear. My monster.  Then and ONLY then can I truly succeed in life. If not well I’m having my life controlled for me, turning me into something that I’m not. I will succeed!

My Favorite Thing At Camp…

Brylee CampEverything at camp was absolutely fantastic! But if I had to just pick one thing that was my favorite I think it would be the final fire. It was so much fun. I laughed so hard! We all did these goofy skits. Everyone’s skits were awesome. They all made me laugh. I think they all did excellent jobs. They were pretty composed to. And I know it was hard not to laugh.

I was so pumped for ours! I knew it was going to be amazing! Its crazy because I wasn’t even nervous. I kept waiting and waiting. OF COURSE we were the last ones. I had to be a (fortuneteller). How I told you your fortunes was I would sniff there shoe. I love to act so I was totally up for it! I had to come up with everyone’s fortunes. I thought ‘okay I’m down with this’ I was ready. So I had came up with them with the help of my friend Miss. Abby Phillips (aka little Philly). So once everyone was down and it was our turn I sat down right in front of the fire, crossed my legs, and got into character. I had this crazy accent, and my hair was in two braids and frizzy. So one by one they came down. They would hand me there shoe and I would tell them there fortune. For one of the fortunes, Luke’s, I said “you will become an NBA star.” he pulls his hands down and shouts “Yes!” Then I say, “but your fame and fortune will overcome you. And you will become homeless.” Everyone was laughing. I was having a great time! Once I had finished everyone’s I had to pick a member from the crowd. I knew who I was going to pick. From the moment she had said that I had to pick someone I knew who I was picking! “Is Mr. McGuire out there?” I called. He gets up all grumpy. He throws his shoe at me. At that point it was the hardest to contain my laugh. I lift up his smelly shoe and take a weft. “I see a LONG travel in your future!” Then as quick as I can I throw his shoe.

I was so much fun! I loved all the skits, but ours was awesome! I loved camp!

Social Media

In my opinion I don’t really favor social media. Its okay most of the time, there are lots of cool things on there. They can be funny, nice, sad, happy, exciting. But on some occasions people are not all that nice on there. I like to get on and chat with friends, to get there opinion. Its nice to have it sometimes.Like if you needed to contact someone. But sometimes there can be really rude stuff on there.

How does social media affect your life? It is effective when I don’t get on. People are always on and talking. I as most other people always like to know what everyone is talking about. And yes I don’t like when I don’t get what people are talking about. I just try t avoid all the bad things that people do on there and focus on the positives.

How are you “building your brand? I don’t like to get caught in the bad stuff so if I see something that I didn’t like I would just ignore it. I would look at the nice thing and not even bother to look at the negative stuff.  I just post good things.I don’t really mind the negative stuff, if i never acknowledge it.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed. Leave me comment telling me what your opinion is. I would love to hear. Bye.